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Things we are good at


We provide a range of ecologically focused services. From initial surveys to multi-faceted mitigation projects, specialising in Great crested newt schemes. We are also experienced in the habitat management and conservation of other protected species such as water voles, bats and badgers. Over our 20 years of experience we have worked in close partnership with some of the leading national ecology companies on sites in England and Wales.

We can offer the following services:

  • Amphibian surveys
  • Reptile surveys
  • Habitat creation and management
  • Wildlife protection fencing: Great Crested Newt, Water Vole and Badger
  • Hibernaculas
  • Pond excavation and planting
  • Tree planting


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About RedFox

Redfox is a professional contracting and consulting service with a primary focus on ecological management and restoration, as well as working in conjunction with local authorities and land agents on a wide range of environmental improvements and landscaping projects.

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